Edirne Cuisine and Edirne-Specific Dishes

The local cuisine of Edirne has an important place in Turkey on its own. The city has been hosting various different flavors since the Ottoman Palace Cuisine. You know, that cold air from the Balkans we were talking about. Here is not only the cold weather from the Balkans, but also the Edirne cuisine, which has been joined by very nice dishes. There is a lot of variety here, especially meat dishes and pastries. Especially there is a pan of liver, if you haven’t eaten it, don’t get into any conversation on the right and left just because I ate liver.

Some of the wonderful diet-cashing flavors unique to Edirne are as follows;

Edirne Pan Liver
Liver Wrap
Mamzana (Eggplant dish)
Elbasan Pan
Piyaziye (Stuffed onions)
Mutancana (from Ottoman cuisine)
Oil Lamp Ravioli
Walnut Sitting
Necklace Dessert
Edirne Kitchen

Edirne Mutfağı

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