Places to Visit in Edirne

1- Selimiye Mosque:
Of course, it is not possible to make a trip to Edirne and not see the masterwork of the magnificent architect Süleyman. Although Selimiye Mosque is the peak point reached by Ottoman architecture, it is also one of the most special works of Islamic architecture. be sure to visit this work, which is seen from many points of the city with its 6 minarets, for whatever reason.

2- Edirne Er Square:
Our famous oil wrestlers are actually organized everywhere in Turkey. As you know, those wrestling matches that are held everywhere take place in Edirne in the “Champions League”. Kırkpınar er square is one of the places to see in Edirne, and besides, it has a lot of historical monuments around it, such as the Justice Tower.

3- Edirne Old Mosque ( Ulu Mosque )
This magnificent work, also known as the Ulu Mosque, has become one of our favorite places in Edirne. In our opinion, the mosque where you can see the graffiti of calligraphy art is more important than the Selimiye Mosque.Moreover, he also sees Selimiye from his courtyard.

5- Saddlers Street:
This old street of Edirne, which is closed to traffic, is one of the liveliest places in the city. The street, which also contains many places where we answered the question of what to eat in Edirne, is also one of the important points of Edirne nightlife. Stop traveling, take some time.

6- Edirne Great Synagogue:
This religious building, which is one of the largest synagogues in Turkey and one of the few major synagogues in Europe, has been closed due to lack of congregation in its time, but today it provides museum-quality services.

7-Gökçetepe Nature Park :
Gökçetepe Nature Park is one of the hidden paradises that have managed to stay natural in the Keşan district of Edirne. It is also one of the only pearls of the Gulf of Saros, which forms a bridge between the Marmara and the Aegean sea, can Decontaminate itself in the world and amazes those who see with its clarity.

Gökçetepe Nature Park comes across as a natural wonder with its endless bays, thousands of m2 pine forests. According to the researches, the harmony in the gas ratio in the air in Gökçetepe Nature Park also heals many allergic diseases, especially asthma. With this feature, it is not too wrong to say that Gökçetepe Nature Park is a kind of oxygen tank.

With the recent arrangements, Gökçetepe Nature Park has become almost a holiday paradise. Gökçetepe Nature Park has become one of the indispensable routes of nature lovers, especially with its campgrounds, restaurants, beaches and organic food Sunday.

In addition to all these, Gökçetepe Nature Park is a region where diving sports enthusiasts show great interest. So much so that the Gökçetepe Nature Park makes it a privilege to enjoy diving in the Saros Bay, famous for its underwater beauties.


In Gökçetepe Nature Park, which has a structure suitable for many outdoor sports such as paragliding, offroad and scouting, you can both rest in peace and store energy for your soul by participating in enjoyable activities.

8-Sarayiçi Balkan War Martyrdom :

Sarayiçi Balkan War Martyrdom, located in Edirne, is one of the sightseeing points of many tourists who come to the city during the year.

It was built in memory of 300 thousand soldiers who defended their homeland during the Balkan War of 1912-1913 and also in memory of 20 thousand soldiers who died in Sarayiçi in 1913 by being left hungry and dehydrated. in 1939, the Balkan Martyrs Monument to martyrdom was built. We recommend you to visit Sarayiçi Balkan War Martyrdom during your visit to Edirne.


9-Lausanne Monument and Museum :

The Lausanne Monument and Museum, located in the garden of the Trakya University Rectorate building, was opened to the public in 1998.

Again, the Rector of Trakya University is Porf. Dr. The purpose of the construction of the monument and museum, which was built under the leadership of Osman Inci, emphasizes the importance of Lausanne for Edirne. When you first visit the Lausanne Monument and Museum, we recommend that you first examine the magnificent monument and take a photo.

The monument consists of a figure of a girl placed in the middle of three columns. One of the columns is long while the others are kept short. Because the big column represents Turkey, the small column represents Edirne. The smallest column is the representative of Elm. The figure between the columns is a symbol of grace and law. Dec. The figure has a dove in one hand and the document of the treaty of Lausanne in the other hand.

After examining the monument, you can enter the single-structure museum located next to the monument. The museum was opened to visitors in the same year along with the monument. In the museum; There are samples of documents related to the treaty of Lausanne, various historical documents and articles belonging to newspapers of those periods. At the same time, the photographs of At Decatur and Ismet Inönü are also among the pieces exhibited in the museum.

10-Ergene Bridge :

Ergene Bridge, one of the longest bridges in the world, is still being actively used with its length of 1392 meters and its robustness.

Ergene Bridge, which forms the name of Uzunkopru district of Edirne, is the father of Fatih Sultan Mehmet, Sultan II. It was built by Murat. The architecture is Muslihiddin Efendi. The construction of Ergene Bridge was started in 1427 and its construction was completed in 1443.

The bridge stretching over the Ergene River has become the focus of attention of foreign tourists as well as domestic tourists today.

11-O’clock Madrasa :

Saatli Madrasa, one of the symbols of Edirne, is one of the first madrasas built by the Osmanoğulları. between 1437 and 1447, II. Dec. It was built at the request of Murat.

The courtyards of the madrasa are open and it has a one-story structure. It is especially noticeable that cut stone is used on the southern wall, and it is connected to the outside with three facades except for the northern part. There are Three Şerefeli Mosque and Peykler Madrasa right next to Saatli Madrasa. For this reason, if you visit the Saatli Madrasa on your trip to Edirne, you will also have the chance to see a few more historical buildings.

Although the madrasa has been left in a dilapidated state for many years, it has recently been renovated with restoration works.

12-Meric River :
The Meriç River, which covers many areas, is one of the largest rivers of the Balkans. The birthplace of the river, which also passes through the borders of Turkey, is Bulgaria.

It originates from Bulgaria, enters Edirne and then reaches the Aegean Sea. It is 490 kilometers long in total; Arda, Ergene and Tunca are the main river beds where it feeds. Dec.

Especially in spring, the river, which is surrounded by flowers, takes on colors. Moreover, in the evening, the locals of this place flock to the Meriç River, where the moment of sunset looks perfect. Don’t you want to witness this beauty too? While you have a picnic here and spend wonderful hours, you can watch the sunset and end your day with a magnificent view. Sounds really nice, doesn’t it? You can spend a special day with special people in your life.

13-Ancient City of Ainos

The Ancient City of Ainos, located in the Enez district of Edirne, has a long-established history and is a historical place where important remains have been unearthed at every point where they have been excavated.

Although it is located in the westernmost part of Turkey, it is mentioned in the sources of ancient writers. It is also known as the Ancient City of Enez.

In addition, during the excavations carried out in 1971, the extraction of a rich historical relic continued, and the church and the Aiol column head Decked with interesting mosaics are among the important works and ruins of the ancient city. A relief depicting Pan, the god of shepherds and shepherds in mythology, and dancing water nymphs in a cave located here is currently on display in the Edirne Museum. Here is a magnificent sightseeing area for those who want to see and examine these rich historical ruins, which are located in the westernmost part, up close.

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